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QR codes…the new advertising

Posted in mobile,SMB,Web 2.0 by nashvilletechnologygurus on June 9, 2011

You may have seen around town or in other cities squares like those below in public areas such as main streets, transportation hubs, malls, etc.  These are ‘2 dimensional’ bar codes or QR codes.  QR codes are easily scanned using most mobile devices (Android, iPhone, BB, etc.) and the built-in digital camera along with some free, downloadable mobile software.  These QR Codes can be printed to the size below or much larger like three feet across or so.  The point is to make them visible to peak interest and encourage people to use their mobile device.  I’m sure you know how much mobile devices are taking place of some computer desktop or even laptop applications.  This is only going to increase.

More businesses, organizations, and individuals are marketing themselves with QR codes.  You can market your web or blog sites, contact info (even vCard and MeCard), events (even schedule like with vCal), phone numbers, and even locations that can be instantly searched for and found with Google Maps, etc.  You can advertise a new house listing, the location of a car for sale, the place and time of a benefit concert, or the nearest bus stop with the bus schedule too.  The codes make it quick and easy to condense the information and apply it to mobile applications.  The possibilities are huge!

Even more so there are free QR code generators that can create these for you for free.  This is the future of advertising and marketing you, products, your organization, or whatever information you wish to put out.  The ease and convenience is built in.  Mobile is everywhere!  Perhaps it is time you launch a QR code campaign.

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